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LED Lighting for a Smart Green Homes

There are many ways to make your home “smart”. Choosing to replace your traditional illumination with LED lighting is not only smart, it’s also ecologically and economically sound.

Moving to LED from incandescent, or even from fluorescent lighting, generates immediate operational savings due to the significantly lower amount of power they consume. The good news doesn’t end there:

  • LED bulbs last up much longer than traditional ones
  • LED bulbs generate only 5% of the heat incandescent do, which helps cut down on air conditioning expenses
  • We at Smart Homes Asia love helping customers move to LED lighting because we feel that given the state of our environment, more than simply being the smart thing to do, it’s the RIGHT thing to do as well.
  • Cool LED Displays
  • Ever dreamed about rooms that change color to match your mood or the time of day? Ever dreamed of walls which show white fluffy clouds in the morning and a sunset at the beach in the evening?
  • This dream is now possible with Smart Home Asia’s advanced LED display boards, which you can mount inside a mirror or behind glass sheets. Each board is standard sized and can be assembled to fit any room and any size.
  • Amuse and delight yourself and your guests with a reactive and interactive LED display regardless of how wild, grand or fantastic your vision is we’ll be happy to realize it for you

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